Mission: Impossible 3 Live Tweet

If we’re being completely honest here, I haven’t seen Mission: Impossible 3 since the theater. I owned the DVD… until Vudu gave me a HD copy for free. I like free stuff. Let’s not considering that a damning comment. I remember attending M:I3 out of series obligation. It had been 6 years since the prior outing and who was this J.J. Abrams guy and who stole all of Tom Cruise’s sunglasses and bitchin’ sunglasses? I had questions. I remember leaving the theater pleasantly surprised. But back to the honesty part… I don’t remember why, now, all these years later. I remember thinking “low-key competency,” like that’s a thing in a summer blockbuster. My opinion in the interim ten years has been replaced by Internet hearsay and Tweet-speak. I’ve been reminded that it’s a TV movie. I’ve also been told that it’s the underrated gem of the series. I’ve been told that it’s the toilet paper that Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol uses to wipe its collective arse. I’m paraphrasing here.

mission: impossible 3 live tweet

But no matter how you slice it, we here at #Bond_age_ aim to live tweet all of the Mission: Impossibles and we’re darn sure going to follow through on our promise (threat?) to our constituents. Plus, I seem to recall Philip Seymour Hoffman being the bad guy. That seems pretty great, am I right?

Join us Wednesday, June 29th for the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 Live Tweet! Show starts at 9pm ET.

Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag and supplement with #MI3 so the innocent bystanders can chime in whenever possible. I’ll post an embed of the film here shortly before showtime so all you folks without the film can join in the divisive fun as well.


PS: Mission: Impossible 3 features Maggie Q. That I definitely remember.

maggie q mission: impossible 3

For Your Eyes Only 35th Anniversary Live Tweet Programming

for your eyes only 35th anniversary

We like to accommodate everyone here at the #Bond_age_ HQ. So even if you don’t have the DVD for this entry in the Bond series, you can still join in the live tweet with the embed below. The For Your Eyes Only Live Tweet is a favorite event and you really don’t want to miss it. Especially if you’ve never had the pleasure.


For Your Eyes Only 35th Anniversary Live Tweet

Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag, sprinkle in #FYEO35

James Bond – For Your Eyes Only by RightMoveLLC

For Your Eyes Only 35th Anniversary Live Tweet

for your eyes only 35th anniversary

This week in 1981, For Your Eyes Only premiered at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. This fifth Roger Moore Bond film came on the heels of the infamous Moonraker. Cubby Broccoli stated that after that far-fetched adventure tale, he wanted to bring Bond back to the basics. One of the many times during the history of the franchise where producers have channeled Ian Fleming for inspiration. For Your Eyes Only also marks the directorial debut of longtime Bond director, John Glen, who makes his first of five consecutive Bond films after serving as editor and second unit director on all of the prior Roger Moore entries.

Reviews for the film were mixed. The Guardian called it overlong and boring, despite boasting impressive stunts. The Observer cited the pre-credit sequence as the best thing about the film. Other critics felt the film lacked connective tissue or a cohesive narrative. Many cited Roger Moore’s performance as the best of his career despite panning the overall festivities. Count filmmaker Robert Bresson as one of FYEO‘s admirers saying “I could have twice in a row and again the next day.”

Whatever the critics have said, For Your Eyes Only remains a #Bond_age_ live tweet favorite and an underrated entry in the series overall. The live tweets from For Your Eyes Only gave berth to #DERP, #CaroleBouquetsMyParentsAreDeadFace and DENIS! — and other memorable #Bond_age_ memes. Plus, skiing, Grandpa Bond, “not-Blofeld,” kicking Locque’s car off the cliff and jailbait Lynn-Holly Johnson. Behind the scenes, it was on the set of For Your Eyes Only that Cubby Broccoli first met future Bond Pierce Brosnan (his first wife appears as Countess Lisl).

Though For Your Eyes Only may often be forgotten by casual fans, #Bond_age_ will remain on that wall, reminding everyone that the film is a confounding and wildly mixed bag of juvenile entertainment, serious Bondness and one of the greatest cinematic climaxes of any Bond film. It’s a helluva lot of live tweet fun.

Tune in Wednesday, June 22nd at 9pm for the 35th Anniversary Live Tweet of FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Follow #Bond_age_ and also use the #FYEO35 hashtag.


For Your Eyes Only on #Bond_age_:

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