Happy Fun Time Livetweet 2016/08/31 – Magnum, P.I.

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Hello again, everyone!

Well, after the massive WTF? that was Zardoz, it was announced that this week’s #Bond_age_ would be another edition of Happy Fun Time!, where I can basically schedule whatever I want. Now, my thoughts went towards another Mexican Wrestling film, or the 2nd place runner up in my last poll, It Takes A Thief. However, given that people seemed to like Magnum P.I. the last time, and that there are a few episodes on youtube, I figured why not bring him back? So I’m pleased to announce that this Wednesday, the ‘stache returns as we livetweet two more episodes of Magnum P.I.  It’s another two-parter ( or at least should be), but the person who put them on youtube didn’t exactly make it clear. But if I have the videos correct, they should be Echoes of the Mind parts 1 and 2. Magnum finds himself drawn to a client, but finds that she may not be who she says she is. This episode features Sharon Stone in a dual role. I hope you folks will join me this Wednesday for some #Bond_age_ starting at 9 pm EST!


Happy Birthday, Sean Connery!

happy birthday sean connery


Happy Birthday, Sean Connery

#Bond_age_ celebrated Sean Connery’s birthday a little early in order to accommodate a screening of ZARDOZ into the live tweet schedule. But it is August 25th that belongs to Slouchy. You’ll find plenty of websites celebrating the big day with facts you didn’t know about Sean Connery or favorite Sean Connery quotes. I struggled to decide how best to celebrate this birthday. We joke about Sean and use the “Slouchy Bond” nickname because it’s fun to joke Sean Connery’s place in the James Bond universe because, well, it’s less interesting to cite Connery as the best Bond.

The fact of the matter is that he is the best Bond. He and Terence Young molded Fleming’s prose into the most famous hero in the world. Later on in his career as Bond, the relationship between the man and the films turned rather sour. I can’t blame him, honestly; the script for You Only Live Twice should have felt like sandpaper between his nether regions.

If you want to learn more about his potential career as a footballer or his rumored encounter with Lana Turner’s gangster boyfriend, I trust you’ll know how to find Wikipedia. Right now, however, I’d rather share an interview from 1964 that still finds Connery talking about the success of James Bond with much respect for the franchise. It seems more fitting for #Bond_age_ to celebrate the life and times of Sir Sean Connery with a moment reflecting the man’s sincerity and intelligence at a moment when everything was right in the world of Bond.

He has a reputation for being a brute in a suit. Sometimes, likely due to his Diamonds Are Forever contract demands, he has the reputation for being a bit of a scrooge or a premadonna. From what I’ve read, it seems more like Sean Connery is a man of principle. He’s true to his beliefs. He’s confident and cocksure, perhaps to a fault. He’s a man who could tell 1000 tales, and we’d listen intently to every single one.

From everyone at #Bond_age_, happy birthday, Sean Connery.


#Bond_age_ Programming 8/24: The Silencers 50th Anniversary

#bond_age_ the silencers

Don’t just prep a single martini for The Silencers, you better just roll over the whole entire cart and settle in for a boozy, bouncy trip back to 1966 when Dino was the King of all lounge lizards and it was perfectly okay to make jokes about having a liquor cabinet in the dash of your car.

The Silencers Live Tweet. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. Show starts at 9pm ET.



Next week on #Bond_age_, Greg offers us another one of Greg McCambley’s Surprise Happy Fun Time Shows!

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