Spectre and Blofeld, the Villain Bond Can’t Quit

First, the necessary introduction, for old time’s sake.. This ditty about Spectre marks the 24th essay in a 23-part series about the James Bond cinemas. I encourage everyone to comment and join in the conversation.

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Of [In]human #Bond_age_ #24: Spectre and Blofeld, the Villain Bond Can’t Quit

by James David Patrick


The title of this essay came before the essay itself. And of course it was a scene from Brokeback Mountain that initially inspired it. Jack Twist turns to Ennis Del Mar and tells him, “I wish I knew how to quit you.” Recreate that scene with James Bond and Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Let me help.

Spectre James Bond Can't Quit Blofeld


#Bond_age_ Programming 9/21: Carey Lowell – A Night of Worship

Welcome to our Night of Worship for Carey Lowell. You’ll see an array of videos below. You will play them in order. That sounds pretty easy, right? The Pre-show Entertainment clip is approximately 8 minutes. You’ll start DOWN TWISTED immediately following the Pre-show Entertainment.


an evening of carey lowell worship




8:00pm ET – Pre-Show Buffer – Use #Bond_age_ hashtag


8:08pm ET – Down Twisted (1987) – Use #Bond_age_ hashtag


9:40ishpm ET – The Guardian (1990) – Use #Bond_age_ hashtag

Carey Lowell: A Night of Worship Double Feature

Nope. There’s no birthday. No anniversary. It’s just time for a long overdue evening of CAREY LOWELL WORSHIP.

an evening of carey lowell worship

I’ve teased this evening for many fortnights. Maybe years… with all this ongoing Carey Lowell worship from the #Bond_age_ HQ it’s hard to keep track. After finding my VHS copy of DOWN TWISTED, I decided it was high time for a double feature of Carey Lowell’s finest moments of cinema. Admittedly, there are few, but that makes them no less fine. I’m sure there’s some way to spin her career into something positive.

But oh no. We’re not just showing two big screen gems from Carey Lowell. There will be a playlist of goodies to round out the evening. More Carey Lowell for your #Bond_age_ buck. And yes, #Bond_age_ fans, THE SMOLDER will be in attendance. I’ll set up a YouTube playlist followed by the two feature presentations. This will surely be a night we won’t soon forget. At the very least it’ll take a few days to get over. Okay, maybe the length of a solid hangover.

Join #Bond_age_ on Wednesday @ 8pm ET for an EVENING OF CAREY LOWELL WORSHIP. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. Embeds for the entirety of this evening’s entertainment will be available at thejamesbondsocialmediaproject.com.