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mission: impossible rogue nation

And now for the finale. Our MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE retrospective is coming to a close with the excellent action spectacle that handily out-Bonded Bond in 2015. By the time SPECTRE arrived in theaters in late November, it felt like stale potatoes. Threads of the plot eerily recalled this fifth entry in the Mission: Impossible movie series. Some may argue my feelings on this matter, but The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and M:I – Rogue Nation ran laps around Bond for pure fun and spectacle entertainment. James Bond in SPECTRE felt like EON chasing pop-culture, but pulling up halfway with the dry heaves.

Then when the whole Emily Blunt/Gillian Anderson as Bond Internet rabble gained momentum, I couldn’t help but consider how Mission: Impossible had again stolen even Bond’s hypothetical thunder. Rebecca Ferguson is the star of this here movie. Tom Cruise, of course, is Tom Cruise/Ethan Hunt… but Rebecca Ferguson makes herself a legitimate star in Rogue Nation and made a strong case for taking over the entire series when Ethan Hunt does finally retire. No farcical Internet hyperbole or shoehorning necessary. Our female espionage heroine has already arrived…

Anywho. Commentary aside.

Join us on Wednesday, July 27th at 9pm ET for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation! Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag, supplement with #MIRN. Embed will appear on this here site Wednesday before showtime.


Bueno #Bond_age_ Livetweet Event : El Santo in Mision Suicida (1973)


Hello again, everyone!

As you know, I’ve put The Avengers and Hawaii Five-0 on semi-permanent hiatus. It was a hard choice to make, as those shows are near and dear to my heart. Unfortunately, they never really picked up any traction, so I decided it was best to give them a rest. They may be back someday, but for now, Remington Steele will pick up the #Bond_age_TV banner.  This, however, left me with a problem: how to fill this week’s #Bond_age_ slot? Well, not one to rest on my laurels, I thought an experiment was in order, and so I finally felt the time had come to try out a genre I’ve been wanting to try: the Mexican Wrestling film.


Luchadores are to Mexico as James Bond is to Britain; they’re icons.  And none are as iconic as the legendary Luchadore El Santo. First wrestling in 1942, El Santo (The Saint) proved to be not just a strong wrestler, but a cultural phenomenon. He  brought Lucha Libre to untold levels of international exposure. When not wrestling in the ring, El Santo could also be found on TV and in the movies. His career led to an explosion of Mexican Wrestling films (including one of my all time favourites, La Mujere Murcielago). This week’s #Bond_age_ feature is from the latter part of his career. El Santo finds himself working for Interpol, seeking to stop a group of Nazis from harnessing the secret of mind control. He finds himself dealing with various dangers, including girls in bikinis and sharks! The fun starts at 9 pm EST this Wednesday, and it will be using the #Bond_age_ hashtag. Feel free to also include #ElSanto in your tweets. Fair warning: the movie isn’t dubbed, and there are no subtitles. I think, though, the pictures will speak for themselves. I hope you’ll join me!


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