#Bond_age_ Tournament of Bonds Champion!

The grueling 23-Bond tournament that began more than a year ago. Today a champion has been crowned. Votes have been tallied, facts have been checked, Price Waterhouse Cooper has been carrying around a shackled briefcase for a week. I’ve had a great time running this tournament and discussing all the matchups in great detail. The final matchup between #FRWL and #OHMSS even pitted my two favorite Bonds against each other. Along the way there were some upsets (#LTK over #Goldfinger), some near misses (#Moonraker almost overtaking #GoldenEye) and a few massive smackdowns (#OHMSS over #DAD, #FRWL over #LaLD) that made it all nail-biting drama.



Will it be the upstart #10-seed ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE? Or will it the #4-seed FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE?

tournament of bonds finals


Without any further adieu… envelope, please.


And the winner is….


from russia with love uk quad

Tournament of Bonds: Finals

It’s all come down to this. 23 Bonds entered. 2 Bonds remain. Many votes have been tallied. Feelings have been hurt. Party Moore  raised an eyebrow. T-Dalt brooded, silently smoldering in the corner. 00Fluffy went to the hairdresser. The Battle over #Bond_age_ comes down to pre-Slouchy and the Playboy. The other fellow vs. the “new” guy. The guy who made Zardoz vs. the guy who appeared as Reginald Durbin in an episode of General Hospital.

The #Bond_age_ Tournament of Bonds Finals:

tournament of bonds finals

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Live Tweet Schedule:

Wednesday, April 15th @ 9pm EST
From Russia With Love

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Wednesday, April 22nd @ 9pm EST
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
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Tournament of Bonds: Match C

The Tournament of Bonds Banner

Tournament of Bonds: Match C




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See the previous results here: Match A / Match B


12. LIVE AND LET DIE (June 4th, 9:00pm EST) – #LALD

Live and Let Die poster

Year released: 1971

Domestic Box Office: $35.38 million ($159.10 adjusted)

#LALD in #Bond_age_:

Essay / MFB / Live Tweet #1 / Live Tweet #2 / Opening Remix: The Cult / Opening Remix: AC/DC / Opening Remix: Jimi Hendrix / #Bond_age_ Collection DVD Cover



20. A VIEW TO A KILL (June 11th, 9:00pm EST) – #AVTAK

A View to a Kill poster

Year released: 1985

Domestic Box Office: $50.32 million ($112.84 adjusted)

#AVTAK in #Bond_age_:

Essay / MFB / Live Tweet #1 / Live Tweet #2 / Opening Remix: Fatboy Slim



The Tournament of Bonds to date:

Diamonds Are Forever Live Tweet Digest (Tournament Edition)

Diamonds Are Forever Live Tweet Digest (Tournament Edition)

The Tournament of Bonds Banner

April 23rd, 2014 – The Tournament of Bonds launches with the 16 seed: the DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER live tweet. We had a few thoughts. Not all of them were especially pleasant.



Tournament of Bonds: Match A

The Tournament of Bonds Banner

Tournament of Bonds: Match A

After the viewing of #Octopussy on April 30th, voting will go live for one full week. At the end of that week, the winner of Match A will be crowned and advance to the second round.

16. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (April 23rd, 9:00pm EST)

Diamonds Are Forever poster

Year released: 1971

Domestic Box Office: $43.82 million ($221.75 adjusted)

#DAF in #Bond_age_:

Essay / MFB / Live Tweet #1Live Tweet #2 / Remixed Opening / #DAFHatecast



17. OCTOPUSSY (April 30th, 9:00pm EST)

Octopussy poster

Year released: 1983

Domestic Box Office: $67.89 million ($179.97 adjusted)

#Octopussy in #Bond_age_: 

Essay / MFB / Live Tweet #1 / Live Tweet #2


#Bond_age_ presents The Tournament of Bonds

#Bond_age_ presents The Tournament of Bonds

In searching for a gimmick, a hook, a gee-whiz-let’s-all-watch-Bond-again attention grabber, I wanted something more than just a cute follow-up to THE WRAPAROUND.

First there was THE WRAPAROUND, now experience THE TERTIARY!

Though, now that it’s out there… The Tertiary sounds like a terrific title for an early 80’s schlock movie. Nevertheless, The Tertiary wasn’t totally working for me. So I crowdsourced some ideas… we had the notion of watching the Bonds according to the order of Fleming’s novels/stories… and the notion of using my alternate chronology, which was a grand idea. Except for the part about starting with CR, QoS and then a couple of Brosnans. All of which I feel like we juuuuust watched. The hordes have been frothing for Connery and Moore (and we’re constantly frothing for more Smolder, but I digress).

And then Mr. @TRWilcox suggested a bracket tournament. Oh? The NCAA tournament had just wrapped. The idea was fresh on everyone’s mind. “But how would we seed it? How would we watch it?” was my initial response. So we let it simmer. If we seeded our own brackets, where would we find the grand upsets, the shocking David v. Goliath defeats? No. The seeding placement would have to come from somewhere else. Somewhere that we’d all, generally, contest. Peter Travers? Ugh. Slightly less evil. IMDB. Ahoy!

I’d use the IMDB scores for the Bond films to seed the tournament of 23. Tiebreakers determined by # of votes. I’d create the bracket and we’d watch the head-to-head matchups on back to back weeks. The following week, a #Bond_age_TV week, we’d vote for the winner. That’s called brain percolation, my friends.

Due to the unholy nature of a 23-team tournament, 9 teams received byes into Round 2. You might be shocked which teams survived the bubble. So for example on April 23rd, we’ll watch Diamonds Are Forever (lol) and on April 30th we’ll watch Octopussy. After Octopussy, we’ll open up the voting, which will last for the next week… and so on and so forth. If you don’t like the seeding don’t blame me. Blame the world of folks who vote at IMDB.

So. Beginning Wednesday, April 23rd, I give you the Tournament of Bond_age_.


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