The grueling 23-Bond tournament that began more than a year ago. Today a champion has been crowned. Votes have been tallied, facts have been checked, Price Waterhouse Cooper has been carrying around a shackled briefcase for a week. I’ve had a great time running this tournament and discussing all the matchups in great detail. The final matchup between #FRWL and #OHMSS even pitted my two favorite Bonds against each other. Along the way there were some upsets (#LTK over #Goldfinger), some near misses (#Moonraker almost overtaking #GoldenEye) and a few massive smackdowns (#OHMSS over #DAD, #FRWL over #LaLD) that made it all nail-biting drama.



Will it be the upstart #10-seed ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE? Or will it the #4-seed FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE?

tournament of bonds finals


Without any further adieu… envelope, please.


And the winner is….


from russia with love uk quad

#Bond_age_ Tournament of Bonds Champion!

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