Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets Winner!


And now, after months of voting, #Bond_age_ announces the TOURNAMENT OF #BOND_AGE_ TWEETS winner!!!


Enthusiastic Kermit animation


Winning by the slim margin of two votes, @TravisSMcClain has taken the top prize with his riff on the Identigraph in For Your Eyes Only.


If you see Travis around in the Twatterverse commend him for a Tweet well Twattered. Many fabulous prizes are most surely on their way to his doorstep. I can’t say what they are because that would just spoil the surprise. But they’re amazing, trust me.


Here’s the full, final Tournament bracket:


Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets Finals!

We’ve reached the FINALS! for the Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets. This is the goldest twatter the twatterers done twattered. Choose… wisely. The winner wins pride, satisfaction and all sorts of bragging rights.

Also, my apologies for the delay in progressing this contest. When the website crashed some months ago, I neglected to advance the contest. I’m back on track now. 





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Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets: Semifinals

We’ve reached the semifinals for the Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets. This is the goldest twatter the twatterers done twattered. Choose… wisely.





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#Bond_age_ Tournament of Bonds Champion!

The grueling 23-Bond tournament that began more than a year ago. Today a champion has been crowned. Votes have been tallied, facts have been checked, Price Waterhouse Cooper has been carrying around a shackled briefcase for a week. I’ve had a great time running this tournament and discussing all the matchups in great detail. The final matchup between #FRWL and #OHMSS even pitted my two favorite Bonds against each other. Along the way there were some upsets (#LTK over #Goldfinger), some near misses (#Moonraker almost overtaking #GoldenEye) and a few massive smackdowns (#OHMSS over #DAD, #FRWL over #LaLD) that made it all nail-biting drama.



Will it be the upstart #10-seed ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE? Or will it the #4-seed FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE?

tournament of bonds finals


Without any further adieu… envelope, please.


And the winner is….


from russia with love uk quad

Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets: #Skyfall

Though the Internet failed to recognize the brilliance of the hashtag #SongsSilvaCouldHaveUsedToPrefaceHisLairAssault, the Skyfall live tweet provided its share of Gold Tweets. (BTW, I still think “Boom Clap” deserves a chance.)



Also brilliant:


Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets: #FYEO

Always a fan favorite, the #FYEO live tweet always comes with enough DERP to go around.



Also brilliant:

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