Red Sparrow, aka Female Prisoner Tatiana Romanova – a review

My elevator pitch for Red Sparrow: “It’s a Kubrickian-ish Tinker Tailor told from the perspective of From Russia With Love’s Tatiana Romanova by way of Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion.” Red Sparrow has created a rift. One faction stands opposed shaking its fist angrily...

The following is a running tally of all of the #Bond_age_ Impostors! we’ve given the live tweet treatment. Check the #Bond_age_ schedule for the next IMPOSTOR! live tweet.

Never Say Never Again
Mission Bloody Mary

All of the Proto-Bond features we’ve live tweeted. What’s a Proto-Bond? Proto-Bonds are the building blocks for James Bond that came before 007.

We opened the chat lines to receive feature presentation requests from #Bond_age_ fans. These are the #Bond_age_Choice selections that may or may not fall into Impostor! or Proto-Bond categories. These are the off-the-reservation lunatics. Do you have a movie you want to live tweet? Your choice could be seen here!


For some reason we really like live tweeting Tom Cruise movies. In addition to the obvious MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE entries we’ve indulged this fetish with the following entries from the Tom Cruise oeuvre.

These are the movies starring a Bond actor that play against his reputation/type as James Bond. Pierce Brosnan starred in seemingly dozens of these… so if it seems like there’s a bunch of Fluffy here, that’s because he was the best at undermining his glossy image.

Sometimes we celebrate events or milestones because we can.

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