Sometimes the reservation isn’t big enough for James Bond. (But that means it’s perfect for The Man with the Golden Live Tweet.)

The Man With the Golden Gun Live Tweet

Sometimes, James Bond just needs to go off the reservation. Sometimes James Bond needs to visit Thailand and enrage the locals by making bum deals with local rapscallions and then dumping them in the water for no particularly legitimate reason. Locking midgets in suitcases? No problem. It’s Thailand. Asskicking schoolgirls? It’s just Thailand. Bumping into Sheriff J.W. Pepper on vacation? Uh, it’s just Thailand? Three-nippled villains (played with relish by the great Christopher Lee) and an endless supply of tertiary nipple jokes? Now we’re talking. That’s The Man with the Golden Gun Live Tweet serving up a delicious slice of Bonkers Pie. Does The Man with the Golden Gun Live Tweet offer great #Bond_age_ or bottom-tier Bond? Decide for yourself Wednesday at 9pm EDT. Follow hashtag #MWGG.

The Man with the Golden Gun Live Tweet

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