Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

This Wednesday marks the beginning of a new season of #Bond_age_TV goodness! We’re kicking off the new season with two iconic series: The Avengers and Hawaii Five-0! At 9 pm EST, we feature the first pairing of John Steed and Emma Peel in the first episode of The Avengers’s fourth season, The Town of No Return! ¬†Agents keep disappearing from a small seaside town in Norfolk, and it’s up to Steed and Mrs. Peel to get to the bottom of it. ¬†Then, at 10 pm EST, Hawaii Five-0 takes over the spotlight as we livetweet the pilot episode, Full Fathom Five! McGarrett and the cops of Five-0 find themselves dealing with conman and murderer who preys on older widows, played by Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the Body Snatchers). It’s gonna be a great time, so I hope you can join us this Wednesday for all-new #Bond_age_TV fun!


The #Bond_age_TV Livetweet Event – January 2016

by Greg McCambley time to read: 1 min

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