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It’s cold outside, but inside #Bond_age_TV HQ, everything is warming up with our new season of programming. We’re continuing our look at those two venerable TV institutions, The Avengers and Hawaii Five-0. This week’s double feature kicks off with The Avengers episode The Gravediggers. Steed and Mrs. Peel undertake an investigation into strange failures of the British Distant Early Warning system. ┬áThe deeper they dig, the situation goes from bad to worse (or is that hearse?).


The second half of this week’s #Bond_age_TV feature is The Hawaii Five-0 episode Samurai. McGarrett and Five-0 find themselves investigating the death of a witness in a court case against a Hawaiian crime boss (played by Ricardo Montalban). At the same time, they have to prevent his death at the hands of Japanese assassins. I’m not going to lie, Montalban playing Asian is not exactly politically correct, but still, he’s Ricardo Montalban.

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The fun starts this Wednesday at 9 pm EST. Just follow the #Bond_age_TV hashtag. Be here! Aloha!


The Avengers/Hawaii Five-0 Livetweet Event – February 2016

by Greg McCambley time to read: 1 min

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