Hello again, everyone. In February of 2014, I was given the opportunity to livetweet TV spy programming on a regular basis by @007hertzrumble under the #Bond_age_TV banner. In March of 2014, I started programming episodes of The Man From UNCLE. I sometimes have commitment issues to ideas, so I wasn’t sure exactly how long I would continue it.  The audience started small, but they were very loyal. I’d started planning episode by episode; eventually, I began planning the livetweets season by season. That planning has finally led us to this, the final #UNCLEtweet ever. We may do the movies from time to time, but as a regularly scheduled event, The Man From UNCLE has reached the end. Naturally, for the final livetweet event, we will be riffing the two-part series finale, The Seven Wonders of the World Affair. In the final episodes, Napoleon and Illya find themselves facing off against both THRUSH and a rogue UNCLE agent who is determined to end Mankind’s hostility permanently by pacifying the entire world with an army of geniuses and a docility gas. Guest stars this episode include: Barry Sullivan (TV’s The Man Called X and The Tall Man); Leslie Nielsen (Airplane!, The Naked Gun); Eleanor Parker (The Sound of Music, The Man with the Golden Arm); and Mark Richman (Agent for H.A.R.M.). Please put on your snazziest loafers  and join us this coming Wednesday at 9pm EST to give The Man from UNCLE a fitting sendoff.

#Bond_age_TV Uncletweet

The Final #UNCLEtweet Livetweet Event

by Greg McCambley time to read: 1 min

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