We’ve pulled IMPOSTORS! from the 60’s, 70’s and 00’s. I needed to check off the 1980’s so I went about scouring my thought bubbles for a movie that would satisfy the demands of a #Bond_age_ live tweet. Spoofs were too difficult to tweet. Fun, but they turned into a quote festival. So Top Secret probably didn’t make much sense. Spies Like Us had some potential. After those two what other secret agent movies had any legitimate assortment of thrills and laughs? The decade was littered with anti-Bonds and dour seriousness. Gotcha! starring a pre-Top Gun Anthony Edwards? How about Chuck Norris in Invasion U.S.A.? Hopscotch has been mentioned before, and I almost pulled the trigger as it portrays a retired agent in his later years. …but then I thought of Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. Perfect. Fred Ward. Joel Gray playing an Asian. Wilford Brimley. Tightrope walking dobermans. It had to be done… but if you tweet it, will they come?




















































Remo Williams Live Tweet Digest

by 007hertzrumble time to read: 8 min

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