Wednesday at 9pm EST, #Bond_age_ begins a new series of live tweets called #Bond_age_Choice. #Bond_age_ fans pick their own movie to host and discuss. (Ideally, we’ll all get to read a short write-up about why said movie was chosen as well — but I realize that sometimes life and obligations get in the way of writing for free on the Internet!) We’ll start with one #Bond_age_Choice program per month and see where it takes us. My initial parameters suggested a cursory relationship to the spy genre, but I won’t put up any cinematic barriers or pre-conditions. Our first edition of #Bond_age_Choice comes to us from @GregMcCambley.

WarGames 1983

Join us on Wednesday for the #Bond_age_ Live Tweet of WarGames starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. Follow hashtag #WarGames83.

WarGames poster

#Bond_age_ Choice: WarGames Live Tweet

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