#Bond_age_ programmed the middle bits of #TheFutureIsNow Live Tweet. It was a lively sort of evening — perhaps as the #Bond_age_ segment of the Back to the Future Trilogy happened on the actual Back to the Future Day on October 21. Or we just love Back to the Future 2. The numbers dwindled for the Time Bandits night cap, but it wasn’t Time Bandits Day. So…

Thanks to everyone that participated in one or all (Hi, @revmagdalen!) of the #TheFutureIsNow Live Tweets. Hopefully we can form like Voltron again sometime in the near future.

The evening began with a 10-minute intro bumper video with trailers from #Bond_age_Cinemas leading directly into Back to the Future 2 and then Time Bandits.


Back to the Future 2 and Time Bandits Live Tweet Digest

by 007hertzrumble time to read: 1 min

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