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This Wednesday April 29th at 9 PM EDT marks our April installment of #PrisTweet. We’re about to hit the halfway mark of the series, and this month promises to put the fi in “spy-fi.” This months two episodes take a look at 2 beloved 1960s Sci-Fi Tropes.

First up at 9 PM we have The General.


The Village is treated to a brand new program called Speed Learn, which claims to be able to teach an entire Undergraduate Degree to an individual in a matter of minutes. It’s taught and managed by someone known only as The Professor and sponsored by a mysterious figure known as only The General. Well, at least it’s a nice change of pace from calling everyone a number!

After an escape attempt from the village by The Prof and further interrogation by Colin Gordon’s Number 2, The P discovers a radio with a message denouncing Speed Learn and it’s eventual mind-control capabilities, and subtle homoerotic tension with the radio’s current possessor Number 12.  P and 12 vow to discover who The General truly is and to put at stop to it’s antics. It being the keyword, considering The General turns out to be an evil AI, which predates HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey by a couple years. (Fun fact: McGoohan and The Prisoner shared MGM Borehamwood studios with none other than Stanley Kubrick himself during the production of 2001!)

Next up at 10 PM we have Nightmare On The Village with A,B and C.


After The P foils his attempts in the previous episode, The General, Colin Gordon’s Number 2 gets a second chance at breaking Number 6 – this time with mind altering drugs and a machine, which allow him to manipulate Number 6’s DREAMS. With the assistance of Number 14, they program 3 individuals from Number 6’s past to slip into his dreams, aptly named A, B and C, to pump 6 for information regarding his resignation. All of these dreams seem to occur at a fancy dress party, held by Madame Engadine. Always nice to see Black Tie McGoohan in his could-have-been-Bond splendor.

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#PrisTweet – April Edition. 4/29.

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