You know what they say…. behind every great bracket is a great lesser bracket. The NCAA’s have the NIT. The Winners have the Losers bracket. And the Tournament of Bonds has the Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets.


Introducing the Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets

After each live tweet a secret panel of “experts” selects their favorite tweets from the past week. I will then decide on the Top 5(ish) and submit those tweets to a vote. As we roll along through the live tweets, our second bracket will be populated and then the tweets will duel for their own fame and glory. The author of the winning tweet will be crowned Man or Woman with the Golden Tweet and be required to add a third nipple… and be showered with fame and glory and uncertain Interweb riches.

Here are the contenders for Golden Tweet of the #MWGG live tweet



Also brilliant:



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Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets: #MWGG

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