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I don’t know if its too far-fetched to suggest that #Bond_age_ originally began as a way to eventually, someday, four-plus years down the line, live tweet TOP GUN. But after all this wait, after all these years of Blofeld-esque scheming, it finally makes complete sense to live tweet the movie that set’s everyone’s hearts aflutter back in 1986.

Tom Cruising Vol. 3 – Top Gun Live Tweet

This week we give homage to Maverick himself. Danger Zone. Flybys. Goose. Ice-Man. Kelly McGillis in aviator sunglasses. Homoerotic beach volleyball.  It’s all here. It’s all waiting for the #Bond_age_ treatment. So you slept on the Tom Cruising Live Tweet episodes of Risky Business, Cocktail, and All the Right Moves. That’s cool. We get it. But if you abstain from Top Gun, may Tom Cruise have mercy on your twatter-loving soul.

We’ve entered the #Bond_age_ atmosphere, where the G-forces are high and the jokes are low… so, so low. There will be a pre-show bumper. So if you’re watching your own copy of Top Gun, please check in for the 6-minute warmup and teaser trailer before initiating your at-home experience. (I’m still trying to work out a Top Gun embed for everybody. Stay tuned.)

Join #Bond_age_ for the live tweet of TOP GUN on Wednesday, March 22nd at 9pm ET. 

Now here’s a short video from Sterling Archer to get you in the right mood.


Tom Cruising Vol. 3 – Top Gun Live Tweet

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