Join the #Bond_age_ crew Wednesday, March 19th for another episode of PROTO-#BOND_AGE_, hosted by @NitrateDiva and @MiddParent. This time, we’re exploring the world of the Falcon mysteries starring Tom Conway.

Our hosts have personally selected the features for our viewing enjoyment. First up at 9pm will be THE FALCON IN DANGER followed by THE FALCON AND THE CO-EDS at 10:15pm. Due to noise on all variations of a generic #Falcon hashtag, follow the #Bond_age_ hashtag… and then if you’d like to further inform the rest of the twatterverse about our goings-on add #DangerFalcon or #CoEdFalcon to your tweets for each film. Up to you!

Both of these films are contained on Vol. 1 of the Falcon Mystery Movie set from Warner Archive. For those of you without the set, I’ll post the embeds for each film on the day of the live tweet. If you haven’t seen any of the Falcon serials and you love classic mysteries, you definitely need to stop in for the Falcon Double Feature.

Here’s a preview clip from THE FALCON IN DANGER.

Proto-#Bond_age_ Vol. 3: The Falcon Double Feature

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