This past week I moonlighted on Beth Accomando’s CINEMA JUNKIE podcast to discuss Not James Bond spy movies that serve as necessary escapism during our current moment of Quarantine Life. I show up and prattle on about some of my favorite spy movies and Beth does a masterful job of putting together the juicy bits of my ramblings into a coherent 45-minute segment with loads of wonderful clips.

On this episode I’ll champion everything from Top Secret! to Special Mission Lady ChaplinĀ because I will never fail to bring up Ken Clark’s finest 90 minutes.

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special mission lady chaplin not james bond

Japanese poster artwork for Special Mission Lady Chaplin (1966)

When she’s not talking to me, Beth hosts the most wonderful guests and you should (if you already haven’t) subscribe to CINEMA JUNKIE and add it to your roster of regular podcasts.

Of course, if you can’t get your fill of me on Cinema Junkie, you can always hear me at my regular gigs hosting the #Bond_age_Pod and the Cinema Shame podcast.

top secret! not james bond

Not James Bond Spy Films on CINEMA JUNKIE

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