The anticipation for the first Moonraker Live Tweet had been idle curiosity. Many of us had endured long years without the pleasure of Moonraker in our lives. The experience proved galvanizing. It was the first night that #Bond_age_ really became the #Bond_age_ we all know and love. Thus, our expectations for the second Moonraker Live Tweet were altered thusly. I know I was definitely looking forward to Bond in space. And based on our turnout and enthusiasm, I’d bet that I wasn’t alone. If you don’t immediately feel the need to watch Moonraker after reading this Moonraker Live Tweet Digest, you might not have a soul.




















































































































Now. Let’s all take a deep breath… and prepare yourself for the PEW PEW. Continue on to the MOONRAKER LIVE TWEET DIGEST, VOLUME 2.

Moonraker Live Tweet Digest Vol. 1 (Wraparound)

by 007hertzrumble time to read: 11 min

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