moonraker custom dvd cover

I couldn’t do a Moonraker Custom DVD Cover and not use my favorite Moonraker Live Tweet moment.


So ingrained are the “pew pew pew” sound effects used during the climactic space laser battle that they had to be a centerpiece of the cover. Or, per Trevor Jost, SPACE. LASER. BATTLE. Once I figured out how to use the “pew pew pew” for the Moonraker #Bond_age_ Collection DVD Cover, the rest fell into place. I borrowed a few images from stills and found the right picture of Earth from space and that was really about it. Sometimes it’s just best not to over-think these things. My only stumble… I had a hard time picking a font. I couldn’t decide whether to go with the more traditional font used on the posters or branch out on my own. Ultimately I chose the depth of this future-ish type font (or at least the future from the perspective of the 1970’s) over tradition.

Moonraker #Bond_age_ Collection DVD Cover

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