We’ve already reached #Bond_age_ IMPOSTOR #8? Time flies when you’re twattering. Once again we put the IMPOSTOR choice to a vote. Our first vote resulted in Our Man Flint. And again we return to the golden era for spy flicks with the quirky, crafty, kitschy MODESTY BLAISE starring Monica Vitti and Terence Stamp. It doesn’t get more mid-60’s than that does it? I have not located a source for streaming Modesty Blaise online so I will again come up with an alternate viewing method for those without the DVD (as I did with the Matt Helm in Murderer’s Row). Look for the link to pop up on Wednesday.

But, first things first. Clear you schedule for #Bond_age_ IMPOSTOR #8 – Modesty Blaise this Wednesday at 9pm EST, hosted by Krissy Myers (@Krissy_Myers). Follow the completely clutter-free #ModestyB hashtag.

BTW, do make sure to watch the trailer. It’s deliciously absurd.

Modesty Blaise Live Tweet

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