Today, on May 16th, Pierce Brosnan turns 63. #Bond_age_ plans to wish Fluffy a very happy birthday the only way we know how… with a double-decker live tweet extravaganza of Pierce Brosnan anti-Bond classics.

happy birthday pierce brosnan

The Happy Birthday, 00-Fluffy Live Tweet of Taffin and The Tailor of Panama!

I’ve been wanting to live tweet Taffin since I first saw it three or four years ago. It’s an amazing story of a shiftless loafer who gets embroiled in minor local Irish politics. It’s a movie about such insignificant machinations that knowing the man playing Taffin went on to be the suave and sophisticated James Bond doubles the pleasure. The Tailor of Panama meanwhile takes a different anti-Bond tact. This is Brosnan as full on cad. A loathesome, offensive brute in an underrated thriller based on the Le Carre spy novel and directed by John Boorman. The two disparate ends of the same Fluffy. I hope you enjoy our offerings. Pfft. Of course you’ll enjoy these offerings. No ifs about it. Embeds for both films will appear on this website the day of the live tweet.

happy birthday oo-fluffy live tweet

Join us Wednesday at 8:00pm EDT for the Taffin/Tailor of Panama Double Bill. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag.


Taffin trailer:


The Tailor of Panama trailer:


The Happy Birthday 00-Fluffy Live Tweet

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