It’s time for #Bond_age_ IMPOSTOR #5: DEADLIER THAN THE MALE!

With the Roger Moore-era now once again in our rear view mirrors, I wanted to take time out for our regularly scheduled #Bond_age_ to introduce one of my favorite #Bond_age_ IMPOSTORS! DEADLIER THAN THE MALE is a helluva lot of fun… and not in the gonzo way that I find #CR67 relatively entertaining. This is a well-crafted Bulldog Drummond spy flick with all of our favorite trappings of the 1960’s spy genre starring Richard Johnson (The Haunting),  Elke Sommer (A Shot in the Dark, Lisa and the Devil) and Sylva Koscina (of Steve Reeves’ Hercules fame). If you haven’t seen Deadlier Than the Male, I expect you to join us on Wednesday at 9pm EDT for the Deadlier than the Male Live Tweet. If you do not have the DVD, the movie is on YouTube in its entirety. I will provide the link to the film on the #Bond_age_ website on Wednesday. If this is a hit, perhaps sometime down the road we’ll visit its sequel SOME GIRLS DO.

Here’s the opening of the film since I can’t find a source for a trailer embed:

And here’s a link to the trailer on Madman films.

Deadlier Than The Male Live Tweet

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