With the changeover from #TheSmolder to #00Fluffy, it’s time again to break for #Bond_age_ IMPOSTOR #6: Danger: Diabolik!

Plus I need some time to keep the essays on schedule. Danger: Diabolik! has been billed as the movie James Bond would have made if he were, well, the bad guy. Directed by Mario Bava, Diabolik! is a stylish Euro-spy flick with lofty aspirations. Sure it was riffed by MST3K in their final episode, but most everyone agrees that was a supremely bizarre choice. This isn’t Catalina Caper or even Mitchell we’re talking about. Danger: Diabolik! is a fantastic, genuine spy flick. If you’ve never seen the un-MSTied version, you must join us on Wednesday, November 20th for the Danger: Diabolik! Live Tweet. The movie can be found on YouTube in its entirety. I’ll post the embed on the #Bond_age_ page the day of the session.

Danger: Diabolik! Live Tweet

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