Though #Bond_age_ had planned to take a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, there seems to be no rest for the espionage included. And this, friends, is an awesome thing.

That said, I introduce to you the first edition of Proto-#Bond_age_! CHARADE starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau and IMPOSTOR favorite James Coburn.

Released in 1963, the Stanley Donen-directed Charade sets itself apart from the similarly styled espionage films of the 1960’s because it places a female at the center of the drama. Additionally, the Connery-driven machismo of the Bond films instigated an entirely new direction for the espionage-thriller. Charade comes directly out of an older Hollywood model, trading largely on the charisma and star-power of its two leads Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Charade is at once a contemporary espionage film and an old-fashioned 1950’s romance. In that way, Charade reflects the films that formed Bond’s roots… but it is far more mindful of the genre’s tropes. It subverts genre and audience expectations both in terms of narrative and the characters played by it’s established stars.

Join us for the Charade Live Tweet, hosted by @MiddParent and @NitrateDiva, on Wednesday, November 27th at 9pm. Follow #Charade hashtag.

Charade Live Tweet

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