Kenny Rogers The Gambler

I’ve been stubbornly (shamelessly?) trying to shoehorn this Kenny Rogers jam into the Casino Royale opening sequence for EONS. it’s just never fit. Well, yesterday I gave it one more shot. I scoured YouTube for live cuts of “The Gambler” that might better fit the tempo of the opening. The original song was at once way too short and paced too slowly. Well, along comes this live cut (I believe from a Country Music Awards show in 1978). The sound quality isn’t stellar. Maybe I’ll find a better recording. Let’s just say the quality adds to overall feel. Kenny kicked the tempo of this version up a notch… and I think the studio audience clapping really makes the experience. Without further adieu, I give you the CASINO ROYALE Opening Remix with Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.”


Casino Royale Opening Remixed with Kenny Rogers (Live!)

Casino Royale Opening Remix w/ Kenny Rogers (Live!) from James Patrick on Vimeo.

Casino Royale Opening Remixed w/ Kenny Rogers (Live!)

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