Bond_age_TVFor the last two volumes of #SteeleTweet I had to carefully weigh my episode options. For the last live tweet I went back to rewatch contested episodes because I couldn’t quite decide. Not so with Volume 4. These two episodes stand out so strongly in my memory that I really had no choice in the matter. These episodes chose me. Sure, I’d like to live tweet the episode with Steele and Holt pretending to be an alcoholic married couple… but I’ll leave that to you as homework. It’s episode 14, by the way, “Hearts of Steele.” Highly recommended… but not quite as highly recommended as the following two episodes of Remington Steele goodness.

“A Good Night’s Steele” is an irrefutable series classic. Laura and Steele slip into a sleep clinic as physician and patient to identify a morphine thief. All you need to know about this episode is that Remington Steele becomes increasingly loopy as sleep deprivation sets in. Brosnan again gets to showcase the foppish, comedic side of the character. You’ll also note Paul Reiser in a guest starring role.

For our second episode of the evening, I’m tapping “To Stop a Steele” which pits Laura against Remington on opposite sides of a jewel heist. Laura has been hired by the jeweler to locate a priceless diamond while Steele has been hired by the thief who tried to steal the diamond but found the vault empty. Now they’re both trying to find the hot rock from opposite sides of the law.

Join us Wednesday, September 7th @ 9pm ET for #SteeleTweet Vol. 4. Embeds for the episodes will be provided. Follow #Bond_age_TV, supplement with #SteeleTweet to let all the squares know what we’re doing.

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#Bond_age_TV: Remington Steele Vol. 4

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