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This week ushers in yet another new old #Bond_age_ live tweet series. We try to keep things fresh up here in the secret lair. We also like the live tweet schedule to program itself without making us think about it too much. Back when I initiated the “Year of the Spy – 1966” series, I’d always planned on it being a two-year tour of spy films from this incredibly prolific period of espionage copycats and innovators. 1966 and 1967 offered so much fodder for twatter that I just can’t ignore the amazing and awesomeful cornucopia.

First up on the schedule: Lucky, The Inscrutable aka Lucky, el Intrepido. No matter what you call it, it’s still a Jesus Franco picture filled with all sorts of odd and wonderful Jesus Franco-ness. Ray Danton is the titular Lucky, an American agent tracking down a European ring of counterfeiters who happens to fall for an Albanian seductress. Isn’t that the way it always goes with those Albanian seductresses?

Lucky, The Inscrutable Live Tweet – 9pm ET


#Bond_age_ Programming 2/1: Lucky The Inscrutable

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