Week 2 of the ‘Year of the Spy – 1966’ Retrospective presents the comic Eurospy film Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die from directors Henry Levin and Arduino Maiuri. The film stars Mike Connors (Mannix), Dorothy Provine (It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World) and Terry-Thomas (Danger: Diabolik for one relevant reference). You also won’t be able to miss Margaret Lee (who starred in more than her share of Eurospy films) and Beverly Adams (who recently appeared in the #Bond_age_ live tweet of The Silencers). It’s a significant roll call of familiar faces that’ll surely send you to investigate a few IMDb profiles.

Of particular interest to Bond fans is the ways in which Moonraker seems to have borrowed specific elements from KTGAMTD. I wish I could have found a better presentation of the film. Photographed by Aldo Tonti (Nights of Cabiria), KTGAMTD should be treated with a little more respect than, well… none at all. Sure it’s a comedy, but it looks pretty good for a silly little B-picture on an A- budget.

9pm ET – Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (#Bond_age_)

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#Bond_age_ Programming 10/5: Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1966)

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