My Week 3 selection for ‘Year of the Spy – 1966’ represents perhaps the best of the “serious” Eurospy flicks from 1966. Lang Jeffries won’t wow anyone with his sunny personality — but he will make up for it in “smug” and “dour.” Potential “Beckett Affair” drinking game: #Shot! anyone Jeffries goes “super smug.”

Also note the very-Bond ways that The Beckett Affair shifts from Northern European locales to Nicaragua. Though there isn’t any skiing, there is a dusting of snow! It’s like bizarro-Die Another Day in form and function. I’ve also included the teaser reel trailer from the Something Weird DVD. Enjoy.

9pm ET – The Beckett Affair (#Bond_age_)

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#Bond_age_ Programming 10/12: The Beckett Affair

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