With Krissy Myers taken by a case of food poisoning and #PrisTweet again postponed, #Bond_age_ scrambled to come up with some kind of replacement programming worthy of the time slot. @007hertzrumble doubted he could make the live tweet on time so that removed Plan B (another few Honey West episodes). On to Plan C. And Plan C is an entry from @GregMcCambley’s exhaustive list of obscure spy films available on YouTube. We spun the wheel of fate, and the wheel of fate chose MISSILE X: THE NEUTRON BOMB INCIDENT (aka Tehran Incident) starring Peter Graves, Curd Jürgens and John Carradine.

missile x the neutron bomb incident poster

Director Leslie Martinson is best known for directing the 1966 Batman movie and episodes of Small Wonder (!). Added bonus: Ted V. Mikels, the mastermind behind the awesomeful (maybe just awful) Doll Squad and Astro-Zombies had a hand in adapting the screenplay. If you put all these pieces together, you can see we’re aiming high for golden twatter.

The narrative according to IMDB: “An American intelligence agent travels to pre-Islamic Revolution Iran to try to thwart a power-mad European baron from using a stolen cruise missile to destroy an unspecific target in that country.” Sounds like a winner.

Confession: We’ve never seen it!

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Since I couldn’t find a trailer, here’s a slice of the super funky groovalicious soundtrack. There really are no words worthy of what’s about to tickle your eardrums.

#Bond_age_ IMPOSTOR! Missile X: The Neutron Bomb Incident Live Tweet

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