Offical #TheFutureIsNow Back to the Future Day Live Tweet & Blogathon Info

Teaser Trailer:

The Live Tweet Deets:

The live tweet organizations Trash Tuesday, #Bond_age_, and The Drive-In Mob (with TCMParty providing promotional and word-of-mouth assistance) have formed like Voltron to celebrate Back to the Future Day on October 21st, 2015 — the day Marty McFly goes… TO THE FUTURE! For all live tweet events, we will use the hashtag #TheFutureIsNow. Each organization might tack on their respective traditional hashtag as necessary. The goal, however, is to take over the Interwebs with Back to the Future shenanigans beginning on October 20th. Each live tweet double feature begins at 8pm ET.


October 20th:


hosts “Trash-Time Continuum” featuring Kung Fury and Back to the Future.


October 21st:


hosts a “Spy Travel” double feature of Time Bandits and Back to the Future II.


October 22nd:


hosts a double feature of Frankenstein Unbound and Back to the Future III.



The #TheFutureIsNow Blogathon:

This is rather open-ended prompt. We’re looking for odes to Back to the Future, any other time travel movies, or radical space-time theories. No shackles on this topic. We’re looking for bloggers to go wherever Back to the Future inspires them to go. The deadline for essays/memoirs/ruminations will be October 22nd. If you’re interested in participating contact me on Twitter (@007hertzrumble) or leave a comment on this page stating your intent and tentative topic.


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Back to the Future Day Live Tweet & Blogathon

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