“It’s amazing what a decent budget will do for a film. Most of the Eurospy flicks made in the sixties were shot on miscule budgets, so it’s a pleasant experience to watch one with a modicum of financial class. KTGAMTD is a tongue-in-cheek Bondian adventure that rivals the official product in all departments.”


-Troy Howart, The Eurospy Guide


‘Year of the Spy – 1966’ – Week 2:


kiss the girls and make them die poster

I don’t know if its an indictment or high praise that I’ve had the 1966 Eurospy comedy Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die on the #Bond_age_ schedule on at least three different occasions before changing plans at the last minute. On one hand I’ve always postponed it in favor of something else… on the other, I’ve refused to give the dream of one day live-tweeting it.

When I decided to embark on this ‘Year of the Spy’ Live Tweet Retrospective, I knew I finally had that ironclad reason to carry on with the KTGAMTD live tweet. Not only is it the only Eurospy film to challenge TMWTGG for the most unwieldy Twitter acronym, but it’s also one of the few to rival that film’s appreciation of the absurd.

kiss the girls and make them die

This Dino De Laurentiis production boasts a top notch cast and photography courtesy of the acclaimed Aldo Tonti (Nights of Cabiria).  Unfortunately, the film’s availability (or lack thereof) means that we’re not exactly gifted a brilliant source for our viewing. I’ve done my best.

Mike Connors stars as Kelly, CIA agent 409. He strikes a solid pose in a tuxedo and has above average comic timing. 409 teams up with a Susan Fleming (Dorothy Provine) and her “chauffer” James (Terry-Thomas!).

It’s a familiar refrain you’ll hear over the course of this retrospective, but nobody cares about the narrative logic. Nor should you. Raf Villone’s dastardly villain aims to sterilize the entire population of the United States (and eventually the world!). Armed with wit, a collection of gadgets and a killer Rolls Royce, our heroes attempt to prevent the world from shooting blanks.

Join us Wednesday, October 5th @ 9pm ET for the #Bond_age_ live tweet of KISS THE GIRLS AND MAKE THEM DIE! Follow the #Bond_age_ hashtag. 

‘Year of the Spy – 1966’ – Week 2: Kiss The Girls and Make Them Die

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