James Bond in Bob’s Burgers

Pop Bond: James Bond in Bob’s Burgers

olive or let die - Bob's Burgers

I started watching Bob’s Burgers last week and even selected it as The Best Thing I Watched – Bob’s Burgers on my other bl-g. In the sixth episode of the 1st season, a delicious James Bond / Live and Let Die reference pops up on the Burger-of-the-Day board, which is sort of like the chalkboard in The Simpsons. The “Olive and Let Die Burger” appears in what is still my favorite episode of the series (and not just because of the Bond pun). You can watch the entire episode by clicking through the above link to my 30Hz Bl-g where the episode appears in its entirety.

Every day in Bob’s Burgers, there’s a different fabulous burger pun/reference on the chalkboard. After the first couple of episodes the BOD (Burger of the Day) isn’t even mentioned by any of the characters. You’ll just have to remember to keep your eyes peeled when it pops up in the background.

Live and Let Die #Bond_age_ Collection DVD Cover

Live and Let Die #Bond_age_ Collection DVD Cover

I borrowed the skull image from the Baron Samedi Swatch. See the full item here at www.007collector.com. With a little bit of tweaking, it became the perfect centerpiece for the Live and Let Die #Bond_age_ Collection DVD Cover. The tarot card on the back, of course, is the card used by Bond to fool Solitaire into breaking her indentured servitude (good psychic-in-residence gigs are hard to come by) to Kananga/Mr. Big.

Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets: #LALD

You know what they say…. behind every great bracket is a great lesser bracket. The NCAA’s have the NIT. The Winners have the Losers bracket. And the Tournament of Bonds has the Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets.


After each live tweet a secret panel of “experts” selects their favorite tweets from the past week. I will then decide on the Top 5(ish) and submit those tweets to a vote. As we roll along through the live tweets, our second bracket will be populated and then the tweets will duel for their own fame and glory. The author of the winning tweet will be crowned Man or Woman with the Golden Tweet and be required to add a third nipple… and be showered with fame and glory and uncertain Interweb riches.

Here are the contenders for Golden Tweet of the Live and Let Die Live Tweet.

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Live and Let Die Live Tweet Digest (Tournament Edition)

Live and Let Die Live Tweet Digest (Tournament Edition)

June 4th: Match C in the Tournament of Bonds begins with the live tweet favorite, Live and Let Die. There’s never a dull twatter moment between the dated blaxploitation themes, pimpmobiles and J.W. Gone Wild speedboat action.


The Tournament of Bonds Banner



Live and Let Die Opening Remixed with Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Have you ever thought that Paul McCartney needed more guitar in his title track for Live and Let Die? Did you think that maybe the Guns ‘n f’n Roses’ version of “Live and Let Die” might have been superfluous? (No? Me either.) If you’re generally discontented, how about sampling this title track switcheroo courtesy of Keith Bodayla (@theactualkeith) featuring the one and only Jimi Hendrix.

Live and Let Die Opening Remixed with Jimi Hendrix


Live and Let Die Opening Remixed with AC/DC


You shook me all night long… ber der der derrrrrrr der yeah yoouuuuuuuuuu… I have very fond memories of crooning AC/DC during my senior prom. Why this image sticks in my head, I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s because I can only effectively sing songs by Radiohead and AC/DC. Anyway, thanks to Keith Bodayla for bringing those dreams of my AC/DC cover band back to life with this Live and Let Die title credit remix… even if it is a different AC/DC track.

Live and Let Die Opening Remixed with AC/DC