#Bond_age_ will return…

Dear Friends:

A perfect storm of events over the last couple of days resulted in the total annihilation of the #Bond_age_ website. My recent backup files were apparently corrupted and my web host must be owned by SPECTRE. I can reboot to a 15-month-old backup. I’ll likely rescue the original Live Tweet digests from this backup, if nothing else.

For the time being, thejamesbondsocialmediaproject.com will be under construction. We will return. I’m going to take this opportunity to make some improvements I’ve long wanted to make and streamline the entire blog. Thank you to everyone that responded on Twitter last night when I came online to vent my frustrations. At one point yesterday, in my most irrational state, I wanted to scrap the entire project and just walk away. You guys brought me back from the brink. I have not lost everything. @FanForumsTV informed me about Google caching so I can rescue most of the website, page by page. I downloaded these files and will work to restore everything we’ve done to make #Bond_age_ so f’ing great. But this will take some time. And patience. The live tweets will go on as planned. Next week we’re doing FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, the first of the Tournament of Bonds finalists.

I’m looking for some people to help me rebuild. If you have time and want to help, I will take you up on the offer. It will take a considerable amount of time to put the pages from Google cache back into blog format. Though I have the text, all of the images will need to be inserted back into the posts. I’m also actively searching for a webmaster/webmistress to help me build #Bond_age_ better, specifically someone to help with SEO, layout and some fine tweaking. Email me at jdpatrick913 at gmail.com if you have skillz you’d like to offer. *I can provide some financial compensation for the right set of skills.*




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