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Some time ago, #Bond_age_ live tweeted a few movies that were released before Dr. No. We called them Proto-#Bond_age_ and classed this place up a little bit with some #TCMParty vibes. We did North by Northwest, Arsene Lupin, Sherlock Holmes and a couple episodes of The Falcon.

To broaden the scope of #Bond_age_ and scratch off some more movies I’ve always intended to see, I figured it was time to toss on a few classics and see where “going legit” takes us. Unlike some of the other ongoing series I don’t really have an agenda or master plan. We’ll wind our way through classic spy and espionage cinema until we end up back at 1962.

I wanted to start with Fritz Lang’s silent masterpiece Spies, but that’s a damn long silent movie for a live tweet, especially when I’m trying to spur some interest in a new #Bond_age_ series. Greta Garbo seemed like a better first option. Therefore…

Please join #Bond_age_ for Mata Hari (1931) on Wednesday, February 7th @ 9pm ET. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. 


Proto-#Bond_age_ Mata Hari Live Tweet

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