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The Octopussy title track from Rita Coolidge is a certifiable classic. A certifiable slow jam with an awkward pace that causes a tragic difficulty in matching a song with the image. I was convinced… CONVINCED… I could match Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Big shocker. It didn’t work. At all. When a bunch of other ideas failed, I went to what I thought was an obvious connection, but probably not a match — The Beatles’ “Octopus’s Garden.” I had no hope for it really… but the pace fit and the lyrics matched roughly with the image. So I dug a little deeper. And I found this. And now life will never be the same.

BEHOLD! The Octopussy opening remixed with The Muppets


Octopussy Opening Titles Remixed with The Muppets!? from James Patrick on Vimeo.

Octopussy Opening Remixed with The Muppets

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