Kate Bush Moonraker opening remixed

Leading British female pop singer Kate Bush, in London, England, April 6, 1980. (AP Photo)

@DrMattFinch came to me and he said, “#Bond_age_ Guy why haven’t you used Kate Bush’s “James and the Cold Gun” for a Remix? And I said, “How could I have overlooked this potential?” Well, I’ve overlooked it no more. I scoured the Roger Moore years (because let’s face it, Kate Bush could only soundtrack a Moore or a Dalton movie) and found a pairing that I quite like. There are some nice lyrical cues to match the action and the groovy bits definitely align with some of the disco-lite visuals in the Moonraker opening.

Moonraker Opening Remixed w/ Kate Bush

Moonraker Opening Remix w/ Kate Bush from James Patrick on Vimeo.

Moonraker Opening Remixed w/ Kate Bush

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