It snuck up on you, didn’t it? Back when we were doing Connery, it seemed like decades away. But then we hit GoldenEye and out of self preservation, you just put it out of my mind. I’ll worry about it later… not today… just later. Welp, #Bond_age_ fans, the week is upon us. The Die Another Day Live Tweet looms. The Madonna fencing cameo. The interminable climax about the plane. Parasurfing. But you know who’s going to deliver us from these evils? Jesus Bond. He’ll be there. Rosamund Pike will be there too. They’ll make everything okay. And don’t forget the booze. Jesus Bond, Rosamund Pike and two martinis will make everything okay. Wednesday, January 15th at 9pm, it’s the Die Another Day Live Tweet.

**Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag (because the #DAD hashtag is just bad news. We learned that last time and had to call a frantic last minute audible).

Die Another Day Live Tweet

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