Oh it’s that time again. It’s time to deny the existence of Bond’s dead wife. It’s time to dump ooze on Blofeld and call it “revenge.” It’s time to visit Circus Circus, you know, for fun. It’s time to use a 2-hour movie to set up a five-second joke about Jill St. John’s bum. It’s time for Bambi. It’s time for Thumper. It’s time for DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER Live Tweet. The first Diamonds Are Forever live tweet was a goddamn riot. I’m telling you now. DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. LIVE. TWEET. You’ve been warned. Join us Wednesday at 9pm EDT. Follow #DAF hashtag. And may Fleming have mercy on your followers.

Diamonds Are Forever 007 – Trailer 1971 by mariotoledo

Diamonds Are Forever Live Tweet 8/14

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