#Bond_age_ Podcast

Episode 4: The Top 10 #Bond_age_ Memes

James (@007hertzrumble), Keith (@theactualkeith) and Krissy (Krissy_Myers) host a rundown of their Top 10 favorite #Bond_age_ live tweet memes.

Right click, save as to download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/thejamesbondsocialmediaproject/Bond_age_Pod_4.mp3



Talking people

James David Patrick (@007hertzrumble), proprietor of this here #Bond_age_ project, co-President of CinemaShame.

Keith Bodayla (@theactualkeith), #Bond_age_ regular, podcasting pro (But You’re Wrong).

Krissy Myers (@Krissy_Myers), #Bond_age_ regular, #HoorayForSexism consultant and co-host of Chronic Rift podcast.


Voice work

Not Sean Connery: Jim Phoel (@DraconicVerses)


Music contained within:

‘Take Five” – Dave Brubeck Quartet

“Thunderball” – The Kingpins


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#Bond_age_Pod Episode 4: Top 10 #Bond_age_ Memes

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