a dandy in aspic

I’m going to be completely frank with all you good people. I’ve either seen or sampled most of the movies we live tweet here at #Bond_age_, but I wouldn’t know A Dandy in Aspic from any other Dandy. I’ve never seen this movie and I suspect you haven’t either. I’ve always intended to give it a spin due to the star wattage involved. Laurence Harvey. Tom Courtenay (who will also reappear in Otley in a few months). Mia Farrow. Peter Cook. It was also the last film the great Anthony Mann ever directed. He died of a heart attack midway though filming, and Laurence Harvey completed the production after his passing.

Here’s the great irony of A Dandy in Aspic — okay, maybe it’s not *great* irony, but it is a mildly hmmm-worthy one — after setting it aside for the Year of the Spy 1968 series years ago, I completely forgot to include the film in the teaser reel I created for the live tweet series. Going back now and adding it feels disingenuous. I’m no George Lucas.

a dandy in aspic

Eberlin (Laurence Harvey) is a Cold War Russian counter-espionage agent working in Moscow as a double agent where he’s given orders to assassinate the KGB agent named Krasnevin. This presents a problem for our hero, because he is Krasnevin. INTRIGUE! DOUBLE CROSSING! Eberlin partners with Tom Courtenay’s Gatiss, a sociopathic British agent, to get down to the bottom of things. So basically it’s like Atomic Blonde without the sexy bits.

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Year of the Spy ’68 – A Dandy in Aspic Live Tweet

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