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We started Tom Cruising sometime last year because we thought Tom Cruise had a filmography worthy of all the live tweet fodder. We may not have pinpointed Days of Thunder as the apex of the live tweet Cruise-ography. Some might argue in favor of Top Gun and I might agree, but for the sake of the self-promotion at hand, let’s call it Days of Thunder.

I don’t know if you remember, but when Days of Thunder was released in 1990 this was peak Cruise. This was audiences frothing at the mouth for what appeared, by any measure, to be an ersatz Top Gun sequel. TOP GUN WITH CARS! I was OMG dying to see this film when it came out. I was 12 so you’ll pardon the misguided tenacity of my childhood enthusiasm. I should note a few things about how the Cruisness and the marketing for this film clouded my judgment. I had never seen a NASCAR race and quite honestly had no interest in ever stumbling across one. Arguably the closest I’d come to such a thing was playing Pole Position in the arcade. But Tom Cruise in race cars. YES. SO MUCH YES.

pole position days of thunder

All that said, even at the age of 12, I understood that Days of Thunder was, well, worthy of a live tweet. I didn’t know what the hell a “live tweet” was at the time, but given enough time and thoughtfulness things could have worked out thusly:

Days of Thunder : Live Tweets :: Toilet : flux capacitor

I’m just saying. It could have happened.

Join #Bond_age_ for the live tweet of Tom Cruising Vol. 6 – Days of Thunder on Wednesday, August 30th @ 9pm ET. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. And remember…. his name’s Cole, not Dick. 


Tom Cruising Vol. 6 – Days of Thunder Live Tweet

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