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Hello, everyone!

This week’s scheduled programming has to be postponed, so in its place I’m pleased to present a special presentation of one of my favourite films from the 1980s: 1982’s T.A.G. The Assassination Game. The movie stars Robert Carradine and Hollywood badass Linda Hamilton in her first starring role as a pair of college students who get caught up in a live-action game sweeping the campus. In the game, students attempt to assassinate one another with rubber tipped darts, in order to move up the ladder and win the game. Unfortunately for them, one of the other contestants is determined to eliminate the competition permanently. The film is directed by Nick Castle, best known as The Shape from John Carpenter’s Halloween. ┬áIt’s a fun time, and it’s the subject of this week’s #Bond_age_ livetweet. The fun starts at 9 pm EST, so please join us!

T.A.G. The Assassination Game – 9pm EDT

T.A.G. The Assassination Game Livetweet Event

by Greg McCambley time to read: 1 min

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