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Dr. No 55th Anniversary Live Tweet

Dr. No 55th Anniversary Live Tweet

Because Moneypenny has the week off, I messed up the calendar for October and had misplaced DR. NO's 55th Anniversary date. Now that I've got the #Bond_age_HQ mostly back on track (I still need someone to pick up coffee filters), I can confidently say that this week...

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#Bond_age_TV: Remington Steele Vol. 9

#Bond_age_TV: Remington Steele Vol. 9

It's been some time since we revisited the Laura and Remington show. We had some legit Bond business to attend to with all the milestone anniversaries. Great for #Bond_age_ fans, less so for #Bond_age_TV fans. Today I bring good tidings and more #SteeleTweet. This...

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#Bond_age_Pod: Puts SPECTRE to Bed

Episode 15: #Bond_age_Pod Puts SPECTRE to Bed James (@007hertzrumble), Krissy (@Krissy_Myers), Greg (@MisterGreggles) and Keith (@theactualkeith) try to put SPECTRE in some sort of historical context and take a final stand on all things SPECTRE. Souls are assuaged,...

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#Bond_age_ Bond Theme Rankings

#Bond_age_ Licence to List: Bond Theme Rankings As an introduction to the next series of Bond posts leading up to the release of SPECTRE, the #Bond_age_ powers have come together with a cumulative rank of their favorite Bond theme songs. And yes we're piggybacking on...

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