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Remington Steele Live Tweet: Volume 10

Remington Steele Live Tweet: Volume 10

I'm still struggling to find skippable episodes. Pam and I had a meeting of the minds and we decided to air episodes 6 and 7 from the second season of Remington Steele. We skipped episode 5. The twist here is that the main attraction for this pair of episodes happens...

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#Bond_age_Pod: The “Best Bond Quotes” Draft

Episode 16: The "Best Bond Quotes" Draft James (@007hertzrumble) and Keith (@theactualkeith) go toe to toe in a Best Bond Quotes Draft. 5 blurbs vs. 5 blurbs for global supremacy. Along the way, they hit all the essential topics. Potential podcast spinoffs like the...

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Licence to List

Bond Directors: Licence to List

#Bond_age_ Licence to List: James Bond Directors For this newest Licence to List, #Bond_age_ HQ has compiled and ranked a list of the best Bond directors. As always, we've used highly specific and wholly arbitrary methods for ranking. We each have our favorite films...

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