Because #Bond_age_ can never resist beating a dead horse or running a theme straight into the ground — pile driver style — we’re changing our regularly scheduled programming to exchaust the short-lived 80’s “assassination game” genre. This was, of course, when games that simulated covert warfare and pretend murder were completely culturally acceptable and showcased in mainstream entertaining for the whole family. It’s the equivalent of cinematic lawn darts.

This time slot was once meant for Party Moore presents… GOLD, but quite honestly I can’t locate my Gold DVD to make the digital rip for you fine folks. I might be mistaken, but I assume that you don’t have Gold DVDs of your own. Therefore, as replacement programming, we’re following up Greg’s fine selection of T.A.G. The Assassination Game with the similarly themed GOTCHA! starring Anthony Edwards and Linda Fiorentino. (Yes, THE Linda Fiorentino… with a pretty amazing Russian accent! Thank me later. I’ll pencil a thank you session into my Google calendar right now, actually.) This is an essential 1985 movie (or at the very least an essential movie to riff) in which someone actually utters the line: “Who do you think you are? James Bond or something?” It’s another tale of college hijinx gone wrong when Anthony Edwards gets mistaken for a special agent and wrapped up in the game of international espionage! It’s GOOSE ACROSS THE IRON CURTAIN! Make sure to stockpile your Grade A Top Gun, Revenge of the NerdsĀ (maybe even some Revenge of the Nerds II) and ER jokes for the occasion.

Sidenote: An original GOTCHA! poster with Linda Fiorentino’s legs is only $20. In case you need a Christmas present for me. I’m just saying.


gotcha live tweet

Tune in Wednesday at 9pm EDT for the GOTCHA Live Tweet. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag.

Sometime before 9pm push play on the Spider Video player so that it has an opportunity to load. Pause the video when it begins. The video won’t play until the entire file is loaded. Seriously. I’m not joking. Show up early. Press play.

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Gotcha Live Tweet

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