Skyfall Live Tweet

Can you believe it?

I definitely can’t believe it.

The #Bond_age_ project has traversed the 23-film Bond franchise twice, plus 11 or so detours for IMPOSTORS! and Proto-#Bonds. TWICE! I feel like Jeremy Piven’s character in Grosse Pointe Blank. TEN YEARS!!! TEEEN YEEEEEARS!!! Except, of course, substitute two times. TWO TIMES! Whenever I hit these landmarks I get a little teary-eyed thinking about all the great live tweets and amazing people I’ve met on Twitter because of this project that started on a whim back in November of 2012.

After Skyfall, however, I’m going to take a little bit of a break from the rigors of #Bond_age_ hosting to tackle the laborious writing side of the project. #Bond_age_ isn’t over, but we’re going to be trying some new things while I focus on finishing the essays and compiling the book. @GregMcCambley begins his #Bond_age_TV series. We’ll do some more IMPOSTORS! and a #Proto, hosted by @MiddParent and @NitrateDiva. Keep a close eye on the schedule for the coming months. And if you have an idea about something you want to do, let me know. This project was always about the community.

All that said, this Wednesday, February 19th, it’s SKYFALL DAY, the unofficial semi-yearly-ish holiday of the #Bond_age_ project. We’ll celebrate Bond all day long, capped off with the main attraction, the live tweet of Bond #23, Skyfall at 9pm EST. Follow #SKYFALL hashtag.

OSS117 Live Tweet

Before we cap off The Wraparound with the Skyfall Live Tweet next week, let’s indulge a detour for #Bond_age_ IMPOSTOR #9 – OSS117: Cairo, Nest of Spies from 2006. It’s a killer spoof with the perfectly cast Jean Dujardin. It’s about time we had a modern Impostor. Follow along on Wednesday, February 12th at 9pm EST. Follow #OSS117 hashtag. OSS117: Cairo, Nest of Spies can be viewed on both Netflix Streaming and Amazon Prime.

Quantum of Solace Live Tweet

The last time the #Bond_age_ crew tackled Quantum of Solace, battle lines were drawn between the “It’s not that bad” camp and the “It’s total rubbish” camp. Since it was pretty clear that neither faction made any headway, I expect more of this same. Don’t miss the rabble-rousing Quantum of Solace Live Tweet Wednesday February 5th at 9pm EST. Follow hashtag #QoS.

Also, look for not only one but two Quantum of Solace My Favorite #Bond_age_ essays this week from @ArrayJackson and @incrdbl_Hilk.

Casino Royale Live Tweet

Disclaimer: I refuse to use the term REBOOT. Bond never had an origin story to call his own… until 2006. How can you “reboot” something that didn’t actually exist. But that’s not why CASINO ROYALE f’ing rocks. It’s because the whole package feels and oozes JAMES BOND. Daniel Craig’s debut silenced the “James Blond” naysayers and with good reason. Martin Campbell took the movie back to it’s literary, gritty roots. Let’s give Craigers another warm #Bond_age_ welcome. It’s the CASINO ROYALE Live Tweet. Wednesday, 9pm EST. Follow #CR06 hashtag.

Modesty Blaise Live Tweet

We’ve already reached #Bond_age_ IMPOSTOR #8? Time flies when you’re twattering. Once again we put the IMPOSTOR choice to a vote. Our first vote resulted in Our Man Flint. And again we return to the golden era for spy flicks with the quirky, crafty, kitschy MODESTY BLAISE starring Monica Vitti and Terence Stamp. It doesn’t get more mid-60’s than that does it? I have not located a source for streaming Modesty Blaise online so I will again come up with an alternate viewing method for those without the DVD (as I did with the Matt Helm in Murderer’s Row). Look for the link to pop up on Wednesday.

But, first things first. Clear you schedule for #Bond_age_ IMPOSTOR #8 – Modesty Blaise this Wednesday at 9pm EST, hosted by Krissy Myers (@Krissy_Myers). Follow the completely clutter-free #ModestyB hashtag.

BTW, do make sure to watch the trailer. It’s deliciously absurd.

Die Another Day Live Tweet

It snuck up on you, didn’t it? Back when we were doing Connery, it seemed like decades away. But then we hit GoldenEye and out of self preservation, you just put it out of my mind. I’ll worry about it later… not today… just later. Welp, #Bond_age_ fans, the week is upon us. The Die Another Day Live Tweet looms. The Madonna fencing cameo. The interminable climax about the plane. Parasurfing. But you know who’s going to deliver us from these evils? Jesus Bond. He’ll be there. Rosamund Pike will be there too. They’ll make everything okay. And don’t forget the booze. Jesus Bond, Rosamund Pike and two martinis will make everything okay. Wednesday, January 15th at 9pm, it’s the Die Another Day Live Tweet.

**Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag (because the #DAD hashtag is just bad news. We learned that last time and had to call a frantic last minute audible).