Greg’s Happy Fun Time El Santo Livetweet – May 3rd, 2017

Hello again, everyone!

Once more @007hertzrumble has entrusted me with the keys to the #Bond_age_mobile, and am lucky to be holding another Happy Fun Time livetweet this Wednesday. When I learned I got the gig (why am I always the last to know?) I knew that I’d be hosting El Santo again. The only question was which one? Do I go with early El Santo, or do I go later? As I was vetting my choices, I came across a couple of screenshots:

A movie with Mexican Richard Dreyfuss and…the other guy? This required more research. Both are featured in 1973’s Las Bestias del Terror, in which El Santo and his cohort Blue Demon fight, according to IMDb, kidnappers. In Miami. A chance to see Miami in all its 1970s glory? Yes, please! So join me at 9 pm EST this Wednesday for The Beasts of Terror! As is standard for Happy Fun Time, subtitles are not available, but who needs them? The target is Miami! Repeat, the target is Miami! Join me, won’t you? Please use the #Bond_age_ hashtag!

The Venetian Affair Live Tweet


the venetian affair live tweet

I don’t really need to provide any justification for a live tweet of The Venetian Affair (1967).

But alright. If you insist.

#1. A former CIA agent, now disillusioned, loner journalist, is sent to Venice to investigate the bombing of a peace conference by an American diplomat. So we’ve got the whole espionage part of the equation.

#2. Robert Vaughn. #Bond_age_ favorite. This time doing his best scruffy-looking nerf herder impersonation.

#3. Elke Sommer

elke sommer

#4. Boris Karloff. Felicia Farr. Ed Asner. Carl Boehm. And Luciana Paluzzi!

#5. The poster containing the tagline: Vaughn! Venice! Voom!

the venetian affair

You’ll be sorry if you don’t join #Bond_age_ for the Venetian Affair Live Tweet on Wednesday, April 26th at 9pm ET. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. Embed on the #Bond_age_ site.


Tom Cruising Vol. 4 – Edge of Tomorrow Live Tweet

edge of tomorrow live tweet

So far #Bond_age_ has live tweeted only “classic Cruise” as part of our Tom Cruising series. We’ve done Risky Business, All the Right Moves, Top Gun and Cocktail. That almost suggests that there isn’t “classic Cruise” outside the 1980s. Not so! We’re just getting started.

This Wednesday at 9pm ET, join #Bond_age_ as we live tweet the thoroughly underappreciated sci-fi action flick EDGE OF TOMORROW. Sure, it may have a terrible name (followed by an even more terrible attempt to rebrand the movie for home video consumption) but make no mistake — this is top notch Cruise paired with the even more excellent Emily Blunt in a fun slice of contemporary mind-fuckery. EDGE OF TOMORROW is like if Independence Day and Groundhog Day had a baby and Tom Cruise was their doula.

Wednesday at 9pm ET, #Bond_age_ live tweets Edge of Tomorrow. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. Embed will appear on the website just before showtime.


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