Tom Cruising Vol. 4 – Edge of Tomorrow Live Tweet

edge of tomorrow live tweet

So far #Bond_age_ has live tweeted only “classic Cruise” as part of our Tom Cruising series. We’ve done Risky Business, All the Right Moves, Top Gun and Cocktail. That almost suggests that there isn’t “classic Cruise” outside the 1980s. Not so! We’re just getting started.

This Wednesday at 9pm ET, join #Bond_age_ as we live tweet the thoroughly underappreciated sci-fi action flick EDGE OF TOMORROW. Sure, it may have a terrible name (followed by an even more terrible attempt to rebrand the movie for home video consumption) but make no mistake — this is top notch Cruise paired with the even more excellent Emily Blunt in a fun slice of contemporary mind-fuckery. EDGE OF TOMORROW is like if Independence Day and Groundhog Day had a baby and Tom Cruise was their doula.

Wednesday at 9pm ET, #Bond_age_ live tweets Edge of Tomorrow. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. Embed will appear on the website just before showtime.


Ladies’ Night Vol. 3 – Claudine Auger in Triple Cross

claudine auger triple cross

Ladies’ Night Vol. 3 featuring Claudine Auger in Triple Cross.

In the conversations about the most iconic Bond girls, Claudine Auger gets shortchanged. You start off with Ursula Andress. The first lady of Bond. The white bikini. Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore comes up. Daniela Bianchi, of course, because if you’re a #Bond_age_ fan you’ve heard me fawn over Tatiana Romanova. Shirley Eaton quite literally became a gold standard despite no more than a couple of lines. Diana Rigg. Eva Green. I could keep going. But where does Claudine Auger find herself in these impromptu recollections and reminiscences?

Despite her timeless beauty and iconic black and white two-piece bikini that makes both men and women swoon, poor Claudine Auger finds herself sequestered among the “other” ladies of Bond. Is it due to Thunderball‘s undervalued status as a lesser Connery? Is it because she plays a “kept” woman? In the end, she gets her revenge. No punches pulled.

For at least one night of good #Bond_age_, the French actress, fashion icon and 1958 Miss World runner-up gets to be the center of everyone’s attention.

The real life Eddie Chapman, aka Agent Zigzag.

Triple Cross reunites Auger with her Thunderball director Terence Young. The Anglo-French co-production also features future Bond villain Gert Fröbe, Yul Brenner and Christopher Plummer. Loosely based on the story of Eddie Chapman (code name “Zigzag”), a British spy believed to be Germany’s top agent in Great Britain. The film takes liberties with the narrative to present a more glamorous — “Bond-like” — version of the spy life so naturally we’ll take liberties with Triple Cross.

If you’re interested in reading two fantastic books about Agent Zigzag, I recommend Agent Zigzag and especially Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies both by Ben McIntyre. Essential reads for history buffs or fans of the espionage genre.

Join #Bond_age_ on Wednesday, March 29 for the World War II thriller Triple Cross (1966) featuring Claudine Auger.

Warner Archive’s preview clip from Triple Cross:

Tom Cruising Vol. 3 – Top Gun Live Tweet

top gun

I don’t know if its too far-fetched to suggest that #Bond_age_ originally began as a way to eventually, someday, four-plus years down the line, live tweet TOP GUN. But after all this wait, after all these years of Blofeld-esque scheming, it finally makes complete sense to live tweet the movie that set’s everyone’s hearts aflutter back in 1986.

Tom Cruising Vol. 3 – Top Gun Live Tweet

This week we give homage to Maverick himself. Danger Zone. Flybys. Goose. Ice-Man. Kelly McGillis in aviator sunglasses. Homoerotic beach volleyball.  It’s all here. It’s all waiting for the #Bond_age_ treatment. So you slept on the Tom Cruising Live Tweet episodes of Risky Business, Cocktail, and All the Right Moves. That’s cool. We get it. But if you abstain from Top Gun, may Tom Cruise have mercy on your twatter-loving soul.

We’ve entered the #Bond_age_ atmosphere, where the G-forces are high and the jokes are low… so, so low. There will be a pre-show bumper. So if you’re watching your own copy of Top Gun, please check in for the 6-minute warmup and teaser trailer before initiating your at-home experience. (I’m still trying to work out a Top Gun embed for everybody. Stay tuned.)

Join #Bond_age_ for the live tweet of TOP GUN on Wednesday, March 22nd at 9pm ET. 

Now here’s a short video from Sterling Archer to get you in the right mood.


Year of the Spy ’67 – Tiffany Memorandum Live Tweet

year of the spy tiffany memorandum

I’ve long promised more Ken Clark after the success of the Dick Malloy 077 trilogy live tweets. For those unfamiliar with Ken Clark, the chiseled wonder, he was an American B-movie actor (Attack of the Giant Leeches) who wandered across the pond to make Eurospy films in Italy. Ken Clark is humorless at face value, but his character never fails a few subtle nods and winks to the audience that suggests he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Ken Clark is a #Bond_age_ legend — one I hope more viewers will come to embrace through 1967’s The Tiffany Memorandum.

The Tiffany Memorandum reunites Ken Clark with his Mission Bloody Mary and From the Orient With Fury director Sergio Grieco. The film was a co-production between Italy, West Germany and France. Set in Berlin, Dick Hallan (Ken plays another Dick!) a journalist for the Herald-Tribune gets mixed up in international politics and unfortunate coincidences. I’m not going to claim this is Ken’s best work (because we all know it’s Special Mission Lady Chaplin), but it’s ripe for Live Tweeting and starts Ken Clark. I don’t need anything else. And neither should you.

Join #Bond_age_ for the live tweet of the Tiffany Memorandum on Wednesday, March 9th at 9pm ET. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag.

The Tiffany Memorandum trailer:

Ladies Night Vol. 2 – Honor Blackman in A Twist of Sand

ladies night honor blackman

Ladies’ Night Vol. 2 featuring Honor Blackman in A Twist of Sand

Pussy Galore. The most iconic Bond girl name paired with one of the most iconic Bond actresses. Honor Blackman first appeared as Cathy Gale in The Avengers in 1962. One look at Honor in The Avengers was all Bond producers needed to bring her into the fold for James Bond’s third picture, 1964’s Goldfinger. American audiences at this point hadn’t even seen The Avengers, but Cubby loved the idea of selling an established actress to UK audiences and unveiling the unknown Blackman stateside.

a twist of sand honor blackmanOutside of a few TV series, Blackman only made a few notable appearances outside Bond and The Avengers. The movies I wanted to show for this particular event couldn’t be found. If you want to do me a solid, spend some time digging around for some of Blackman’s other films from the 1960’s. Maybe next time we’ll have more to offer. While we didn’t have much from which to choose, Greg McCambley dug up this slice of 1960’s adventure on YouTube. Since the film also featured #Bond_age_ favorites Robert Vaughn (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) and Richard Johnson (Deadlier than the Male), I gave this the go ahead for our Honor Blackman evening.

I’d tell you more about how A Twist of Sand is the ideal showcase of Blackman’s judo training and captivating screen presence… but I haven’t seen it. Greg hasn’t seen it. I’m betting you haven’t seen it. We’re going into this one blind, people! Saddle up and make sure you keep the sand out of your undergarments.

Join #Bond_age_ Wednesday March 1st @ 9pm ET for Honor Blackman in A Twist of Sand. It’s Ladies’ Night Vol. 2! Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag.

“Fan” made A Twist of Sand trailer:

Tom Cruising Vol. 2 – All the Right Moves Live Tweet

all the right moves

And you thought we were done with our little Tom Cruise fascination. Tsk tsk. You know better than to underestimate our obsessions. After the Risky Business / Cocktail double feature last year followed by all of the MIssion: Impossible outings our appetite has only been sufficiently whet. Tom Cruise’s filmography is both deep and worthy of much twatter.

Tom Cruising Vol. 2 – All the Right Moves Live Tweet

This week, #Bond_age_ revisits Tom Cruise’s second leading role — and his second of 1983. Released in October of that year (only months removed from Risky Business), All the Right Moves failed to rival the box office success of Risky Business but nevertheless further promoted the ascending movie star.

All the Right Moves received mixed reviews, but most were bullish on the Tom Cruise content. Perhaps my favorite quote comes from Richard Corliss of Time, who called it a “naive little movie (that) hopes to prove itself the Flashdance of football.” If that doesn’t sell you on the potential for a #Bond_age_ live tweet, there may be no help for you. Though, I’ll try. Copious amounts of Lea Thompson and Craig T. Nelson auditioning for his role on Coach.

This boat’s leaving shore. Time to hop on board another pleasure cruise — destination: Ampipe, PA. 

Dig out your Ampipe #33 jersey and join #Bond_age_ for the All the Right Moves Live Tweet on Wednesday, February 22nd @ 9pm ET. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. 

all the right moves live tweet