#Bond_age_ Programming 4/12: Remington Steele Vol. 7

Remington Steele – “Sting of Steele” – 9:00pm ET – #Bond_age_TV

Remington Steele – “Steele in Circulation” – 10:00pm ET – #Bond_age_TV



#Bond_age_ Programming 2/15: Remington Steele Vol. 6

9:00pm: Remington Steele – “Steele in the News” – #Bond_age_TV


10:00pm: Remington Steele – “Vintage Steele” – #Bond_age_TV


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#Bond_age_ Programming 1/11: Remington Steele Vol. 5

“Steele Crazy After All These Years” – 9pm ET – #Bond_age_TV


“Steele Among The Living” – 10pm ET – #Bond_age_TV

#Bond_age_TV Programming 9/7: Remington Steele Vol. 4

Welcome to the fourth broadcast of #Bond_age_TV Presents: Remington Steele. We’re jumping up to Episodes 13 and 15 from Season One. As always, keep your eyes open for those classic movie references. Follow the #Bond_age_TV hashtag on Twitter, supplement with #SteeleTweet so the squares know what we’re tweeting about.

#Bond_age_TV presents: Remington Steele

9:00pm ET: “A Good Night’s Steele” – #Bond_age_TV / #SteeleTweet



10:00pm ET: “To Stop a Steele” – #Bond_age_TV  / #SteeleTweet

Happy Fun Time Livetweet 2016/08/31 – Magnum, P.I.

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Hello again, everyone!

Well, after the massive WTF? that was Zardoz, it was announced that this week’s #Bond_age_ would be another edition of Happy Fun Time!, where I can basically schedule whatever I want. Now, my thoughts went towards another Mexican Wrestling film, or the 2nd place runner up in my last poll, It Takes A Thief. However, given that people seemed to like Magnum P.I. the last time, and that there are a few episodes on youtube, I figured why not bring him back? So I’m pleased to announce that this Wednesday, the ‘stache returns as we livetweet two more episodes of Magnum P.I.  It’s another two-parter ( or at least should be), but the person who put them on youtube didn’t exactly make it clear. But if I have the videos correct, they should be Echoes of the Mind parts 1 and 2. Magnum finds himself drawn to a client, but finds that she may not be who she says she is. This episode features Sharon Stone in a dual role. I hope you folks will join me this Wednesday for some #Bond_age_ starting at 9 pm EST!


August 10th, 2016 Viewer’s Choice Livetweet Event


Hello, everyone!

Our regularly scheduled program this week, Zardoz, has been postponed until next week, as the bossman will be going on a Top Secret/Hush-hush mission. So, not one to keep a livetweet slot empty, he gave me the keys to the #Bond_age_ offices again to do with as I will (he really should stop doing that; I never clean up afterwards).  My mind immediately flooded with ideas. Mexican Wrestling! A DVD Theatre livetweet! A Who knows what?! Being as indecisive as I am, I thought I’d take the easy way out and put it up to a vote. So I did, and my fellow livetweeters responded. They voted for who knows what, which meant I had  to figure out exactly what what was (does that make sense? I feel it should, but what do I know?)  As usual, youtube had the answer: TV shows. It was time for me to do another #Bond_age_TV. But which program?

I wanted to choose a program that fit the #Bond_age_ mold. I’d considered the classic Columbo episode Identity Crisis, which featured Patrick McGoohan in one of his best villain roles, but didn’t like the versions on youtube. I quickly whittled my choices down to three: the Tony Curtis/Roger Moore show The Persuaders; The Robert Wagner series It Takes A Thief, and Magnum P.I. With these three choices, I asked my fellow livetweeters to once again vote, and vote they did. The winner was Magnum P.I with 43% of the votes.   So I’m pleased to announce that this Wednesday’s livetweet will be the Magnum P.I two-parter All For One. Magnum, T.C., Rick and Higgins travel to Cambodia with an old war buddy to rescue some American POWs. This episode guest stars Robert Forster, so already makes it a winner in my book. So please join me tomorrow night at 9 pm EST for #Bond_age_TV Happy Fun Time!

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